Customer Archetypes

You’ve identified your customer, now get to know them for even more focused growth.

It’s time to build on those avatars

In step one, Customer Avatars, we identified your ideal customer. Most courses stop there and send you on your way. Not Growth Mechanics. There’s a second critical part to making the most of your customer avatars. 

In Customer Archetypes, we’ll go below the surface to reveal the deepest needs and wants of your customers. The result? More value added for them, and more sustained growth for your business.

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What’s worked for 20 years is now yours

For two decades, Growth Mechanics Founder, Simon Hedley, has been helping founders and small to multinational businesses in sustainable growth.

In plain English, that means helping founders lay the foundations for growth with tried and tested methods for identifying customers, building strategies and capitalising on analytics.

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Customer Archetypes: What you’ll learn

In this 4 unit, 14 lesson module you’ll learn how to:

  • Identify customer archetypes for your business
  • Use customer archetypes to your advantage
  • Spot customer archetypes in the real world
  • And much more...

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Customer Avatars Debs Jenkins Testimonial

Debs Jenkins | Chaos To Creation

Customer Avatars is a clear precise course, that makes you think deeply about your avatar. Simon stops you from sloppy thinking, and slack execution, and forces you to get this right so you avoid the common problems businesses face when defining their avatars.

The module on "Other People's Avatars" helped me hone my avatar spotting skill, the distinction between FAQs and SAQs helped me dig deeper into my avatar's needs, and the dive into depth, pixels, resolution and dimensions gave me a unique insight to understanding Customer Avatars and how to apply them.

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