Customer Avatars

The Critical First Step eCourse For Successful Business Results

Who do you want as a customer?  Everyone...

Sadly when you try and appeal to everyone, you often find that you actually attract and appeal to no one. This is why deeply understanding the system and mechanics of Customer Avatars is so important.

Even if you don't learn anything else about Growth Mechanics, completing The First Step - Customer Avatars, will set you up for success in life, business, marketing and sales.

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Growth Mechanics for You and Your Business

From Startups to Multi-Nationals and everything in-between, the use of Growth Mechanics methodology over the last 20 years has been pivotal to their success.

The internal training previously reserved for our partners, Growth Mechanics enables them to thrive and us to get more done.

Whether it's a simple website or a large ecommerce site, product development or launch, new service offering, your sales and marketing activity , refining user experience, or a complex banking project, a trained Growth Mechanic can always add value.

And it all starts with The First Step

Customer Avatars


What You’ll Learn

Designed by Simon Hedley, lessons are delivered in bitesize chunks to keep you focused. Each lesson guiding you through the next steps to creating and implementing the Growth Mechanics Customer Avatars module in your business.

You will discover how to understand and use Customer Avatars to cut through the noise, better engage with customers, clients, and other people you want to work with AND add more value to your business relationships AND increase ROI of your time!


7 Units - 27 Lessons

Delivered online, our platform allows access to the course materials 24/7 for 365 days so you can progress and revisit at times that suit your schedule.

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Customer Avatars Debs Jenkins Testimonial

Debs Jenkins | Chaos To Creation

Customer Avatars is a clear precise course, that makes you think deeply about your avatar. Simon stops you from sloppy thinking, and slack execution, and forces you to get this right so you avoid the common problems businesses face when defining their avatars.

The module on "Other People's Avatars" helped me hone my avatar spotting skill, the distinction between FAQs and SAQs helped me dig deeper into my avatar's needs, and the dive into depth, pixels, resolution and dimensions gave me a unique insight to understanding Customer Avatars and how to apply them.

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