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Define and truly understand your ideal customer for greater opportunities, with methods tried and tested by Growth Mechanics founder, Simon Hedley, for over 20 years.


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If you’re starting or pivoting a business, then this is essential wisdom.

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These days there’s barely an industry that isn’t crowded, which is why from a growth perspective it pays to be specific. Appeal directly to what your customers want, and they’ll stick with you for life.

In Customer Avatars, you’ll learn how to pinpoint your ideal customer, helping you to maximise your efforts. This could be the most valuable exercise you do this year.

What you’ll learn

In this 6 unit, 24 lesson module you’ll learn how to:

  • Define your ideal customer
  • Fine-tune avatars for greater focus
  • Engage with customers on a personal level
  • Apply avatars to the real world
  • And much more...

Course Contents

Welcome to the Course

  • Introducing Customer Avatars

  • About The Author

  • Outline and Objectives

Getting Started

  • Your Customer, Your Results
  • Everyone's an Avatar

  • The Origins of Everyone

  • Becoming UNstuck

  • Exercise: Your Objectives

Quickstart Avatar Creation

  • A Customer Avatar IS NOT
  • A Customer Avatar IS
  • Exercise: Quick Customer Avatar

Fine-Tuning Your Avatars

  • Pixels, Resolutions and Dimensions
  • There Can Be Only One?
  • Real-Life Example {Sarah}
  • Exercise: Your Ideal Customer

Theory Vs real-Life

  • Customer Avatar Dynamics
  • The Finer Details
  • Consistency Matters
  • Exercise: Customer Avatar x3

Putting Avatars to the Test

  • Testing Your Avatar
  • Minimum Viable Project
  • Exercise 1: Validate Your Avatars
  • Exercise 1: Validate Your Avatars (Stretch)

Avatars in the World

  • Other Peoples Avatars
  • Shared Knowledge

  • Connecting With Your Avatars

  • Reviewing Your Avatars

  • Exercise: Schedule Your Success

Customer Archetypes goes below the surface to reveal the deepest needs and wants of your customers. The result? More value added for them, and more sustained growth for your business.

Forming part of the foundations shared by Growth Mechanics, this is critical for growth, no matter what your industry.

What you’ll learn

In this 4 unit, 14 lesson module you’ll learn how to:

  • Identify customer archetypes for your business
  • Use customer archetypes to your advantage
  • Spot customer archetypes in the real world
  • And much more...

Course Contents

Course Introductions

  • Introducing Customer Archetypes

  • Course Outline and Objectives

Chapter 1 - Access

  • Accessing Archetypes

  • The Invisible can make a difference

  • Same but different, Different but the same

  • The Wasabi Effect

Chapter 2 - Explore

  • Exploring Customer Archetypes

  • Limiting The Limitless

  • Quick Start

Chapter 3 - Leverage

  • Harnessing and Leveraging Archetypes

  • Preferences and Styles

  • Want to be Batman?

Chapter 4 - Samples

  • Examples

  • Wonder Woman

  • Avatar / Zip - Lining

  • Real World London Scenes

Benefit from our experience

For two decades, Growth Mechanics Founder, Simon Hedley, has been helping founders and small to multinational businesses in sustainable growth.

In plain English, that means helping founders lay the foundations for growth with tried and tested methods for identifying customers, building strategies and capitalising on analytics.

What’s worked for them, can now work for you — get access for £150 for a limited time.

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The world is changing. Evolving is simple.

With so many people currently out of work or changing professions, starting or growing a business can seem especially daunting. But as the old saying goes, necessity is the mother of invention. 

Right now you’re probably brimming with great ideas. Our goal is to help you stay focused on that idea, by providing you with solid foundations upon which to build.

You could spend weeks trawling the internet for advice on defining and understanding your customers. Or you could benefit from our 20 years of experience, and hit the ground running.

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Customer Testimonials

Debs Jenkins, Chaos To Creation Testimonial

Debs Jenkins, Founder Chaos To Creation

Customer Avatars is a clear precise course, that makes you think deeply about your avatar. Simon stops you from sloppy thinking, and slack execution, and forces you to get this right so you avoid the common problems businesses face when defining their avatars.

The module on "Other People's Avatars" helped me hone my avatar spotting skill, the distinction between FAQs and SAQs helped me dig deeper into my avatar's needs, and the dive into depth, pixels, resolution and dimensions gave me a unique insight to understanding Customer Avatars and how to apply them.

Buy this course before your competitors do!

Brandon See Digiceptual Testimonial

Brandon See, co-Founder Digiceptual

I already had a clear idea about my Customer Avatar before doing the course, but afterwards it gave me clarity especially on how to refine certain specifics and fine details that are very industry specific - for me fashion - so my communication is ten times better. 

.. my communication appeals to them better and makes a punch.. 

If you're looking to optimise your Customer Avatar so you can target them better and open new ideas, or If you have no idea who you are targeting and need more clarity, I highly recommend it.


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Your First Step ...

Who do you want as a customer?  Everyone...

Sadly when you try and appeal to everyone, you often find that you actually attract and appeal to no one. This is why deeply understanding the system and mechanics of Customer Avatars is so important.

Even if you don't learn anything else about Growth Mechanics, completing The First Step - Customer Avatars, will set you up for success in life, business, marketing and sales.